Prayer List 2019 - The Pantry

James Sheets


Please keep James Sheets in your prayers  here in February as he goes through some medical tests. Pray for him and his wife that The Lord will bless him. And the Doctors will treat him as needed.

Helping In His Name - The Food Pantry


Pray for The Food Pantry as they minister to those in Henry County. They provide food to those who are hungry here in this Henry County. They feed over 30  thousand family's

 a year.

Samaritans together of Henry County


Samaritans Together is the sister next door to the Food Pantry. They assist those in need, Henry County family's who need help with power, gas and other situations, as they qualify. Pray for those in need in Henry County.

Pray for Our All that are in need.


Pray for all our Volunteers every day 2019


2019 Pray For our Leadership